placement test

120 Question

Q1: Where____________from? I’m from Russia.

Q2: We have ________________house in Moscow.

Q3: I have two _________________a boy and a girl.

Q4: I work in a ____________. I’m a doctor.

Q5: This is my brother_____________. name’s Paul.

Q6: _______________five people in my family.

Q7: I get up________________7 o’clock in the morning.

Q8: I like apples, but I _____________bananas.

Q9: Excuse me,____________speak French?

Q10: How much are______________shoes?

Q11: Where are my glasses? They’re__________the table.

Q12: My sister______________tennis very well.

Q13: I usually go to work________________train.

Q14: I don’t see my parents very often______________they live in South Africa.

Q15: Rosie stayed_______________home yesterday afternoon.

Q16: Last night I___________to the cinema.

Q17: The________________is quite expensive but the food there is excellent.

Q18: Do you want to listen to music or________________TV?

Q19: ______________were you at the weekend? I was in Scotland.

Q20: _______________you have a good time at the party? Yes, it was fun.

Q21: Are you_________________English teacher?

Q22: Bob will meet______________at the airport.

Q23: I’m going to a concert tonight.______________you like to come?

Q24: _____________use your dictionary? Sure. Here you are.

Q25: I like this apartment but the_____________is too expensive for me.

Q26: Excuse me, how do I_______________to the bus station?

Q27: Do you sell stamps? Yes, we do. How_____________do you want?

Q28: Sorry I’m so late. That’s________ .

Q29: I’d like_________________milk in my coffee, please.

Q30: ____________a bus stop near my flat.

Q31: Is this a good time to talk? Sorry, no. I__________ dinner

Q32: I think cycling is more dangerous__________driving.

Q33: We______________going to the theatre next Saturday.

Q34: _____________meet for coffee some time soon.

Q35: Kamal has got a holiday home near____________sea.

Q36: If you’ve got a headache, you_____________go home.

Q37: ______________ever been to New York?

Q38: I only get about five hours’ sleep a night. That’s not___________ .

Q39: Did Amina finish the report? No. She______________it tomorrow.

Q40: Paula___________loves working with children.